a Trip to Saar River

Saar River

Looking for Streams in the North < / span>, water attractions and a cool water hike route? One of the most beautiful streams in the country is The Saar River , which flows in the Golan Heights area. The stream is very well known due to the fallen storm which is characterized by an impressive flow after the rainy season. The route in Saar River is suitable for the whole family and especially for lovers of water attractions in the north.

The Saar River - General Background

The Saar River, located in the Golan Heights and also called Wadi Hashaba, is an 11 km long river that flows into Nahal Hermon, 500 meters southwest of the Banias spring. A route suitable for the whole family and includes entry to the water. The recommended season to visit The Saar River is at the height of winter and early spring. / p>

Spectacular Stream on Winter Time

The Saar River is a disappointing stream, meaning that no water flows in it all year round but only in winter – the flow in winter compensates for the dry days. The stream passes between the Golan Heights and Hermon, and begins its flow at Ein Saar near the settlement of Majdal Shams and empties into Banias. The flow in the winter and early spring season is very impressive and it is definitely recommended to visit the creek during this period.

Tracks of The Saar River

The Saar River can be known in depth in two different ways:
The first route , about 3 km long, starts at the Friendship Bridge near the village of Ein Kana. The route is in the direction of the shards waterfall, and from there back the same way.
The second route also starts at the shards waterfall, and the walk in it is towards Saar Falls and lasts about 3.5 km. The vehicle must be left at the end of the route at the Nahal Sa’ar junction.
On both routes we will walk alongside lush and varied vegetation and spectacular views.