Attractions in northern Israel

Attractions in the north and destinations for a variety of activities in the north of the country

The best rides for ATVs, horses, jeeps and bicycles. Recommended attractions. All attractions in one place! Get information on attractions in the North for families, kids and couples. Looking for activities in the Sea of Galilee area? An attraction in the Galilee? Parks and springs, horseback riding and ATVs, museums, rafting and kayaking and more.

Vacation and activities in the area of Lake Kinneret
Lake Kinneret is a recreation and entertainment area. There are regulated bathing beaches and in some of them there are challenging activities such as boating, jet skiing, water skiing and paragliding. Activities of the “Scouts of the Sea of Galilee” youth movement take place in the area.

Attractions in Northern Israel & a variety of Activities

If you are looking for recommended attractions for couples, families and singles in the North, we are happy to let you know that the selection is full of options. You can choose from a variety of attractions in the north for families, attractions for couples, even attractions for groups and more. Here’s all the information for you.

Looking for the perfect weekend in the North? In the Golan Heights area, the Western Galilee and the area around the Sea of ​​Galilee, you will find a variety of different attractions. There are water attractions for couples, EXTREME attractions on the Sea of ​​Galilee, attractions for groups with jeeps and more. Let’s say like this, as long as you want to spend time in the north and also get excited, you will find the perfect attraction. And so that you do not get confused between the various activities, we have prepared for you a list of the most recommended attractions in 2021. We will start with jeep tours in the north, racers and ATVs.

  1. Jeep tours in the north, ATVs or razors

No doubt, This is one of the most recommended attractions nowadays, the jeep tour attraction. While the jeeps are usually air-conditioned and closed, the razors and ATVs are open and protected. Whether you decide on jeeps or razors and ATVs, it’s a real experience.

We recommend water routes with jeeps in winter, It is even possible to have snow trails in the Hermon area with razors. For those unfamiliar with the razor, this is actually a particularly muscular means of transportation and protected by steel (rollover cage). A highly recommended experience in the Golan Heights.

Officer's Pool - Ha-Ktsinim Pool

The northern region, with its streams and waterways, with amazing views and diverse attractions. The place is perfect for a vacation. One of the best attractions in the north is the officers pool.

Rivers in Northern Israel
  1. Boat rental on the Sea of ​​Galilee

There is nothing more fun than renting boats on the Sea of ​​Galilee. You can do this on the various beaches, such as the beach of Kibbutz Ginosar. At this beach, the kibbutz itself takes out small and medium boats for an hour to an hour and a half cruise. A little tip from us, do not bring alcohol. Unless you know for sure that you are not susceptible to seasickness.

If you rent a boat on the Sea of ​​Galilee, you should bring something to snack on. We recommend snacks, not something too heavy. Once again, because of this issue of seasickness. There is no point in getting on a boat and immediately feeling bad. This will include nausea and dizziness, completely unnecessary.

Rivers in Northern Israel

Hurshat Tal National Reserve

Looking to go camping with the family, and visit water attractions in the north? One of the favorite campsites is the Hurshat Tal National Reserve, also known by its Arabic name Shjarat El Ten (Grove of the Ten).

  1. Water Attractions in the North for Couples and Families

If you are looking for water attractions in the north, or attractions for couples in the Golan Heights, you are in the right place. The northern region includes a variety of water attractions, attractions for couples and families, even attractions for groups and staff events. For example, you have the option of SAP in the Sea of ​​Galilee, banana-water in the Sea of ​​Galilee, windsurfing in the Sea of ​​Galilee and more.

If you like extreme feelings, you Also go for a sea motorcycle rental on the Sea of ​​Galilee. Of course, this will require you to license this tool. In other words, this is an attraction that can not suit every holiday and vacation on the Sea of ​​Galilee. But at the same time, you can always ask to be put on a jet ski, it does not require a license.

  1. Horse and Animal Attractions for Couples and Families in the North

Less in the Jeep section? You have the possibility of horse attractions, horseback riding, petting zoos and more. There are quite a few recommended hiking trails in the north that can be skied with the help of horses. It is also possible to rent a bike and set off.

If you are coming north as a family, you will be happy to know that there are farms that offer petting zoo experiences. It is highly recommended for children of different ages, including adolescence. And for adults, there are also wine attractions in the north.

  1. Wine Attractions, Wine Wineries, Guided Tours & Tours in the North

If You are wine lovers, you will be happy to know that there are quite a few local wineries in the north, where you can get explanations on how to make wine, hear instructions and be present in the wine making process. >

Wine, hiking, jeep or horseback riding, the main thing is to have fun and preserve the environment. Do not forget to take a bag with you and collect the garbage we tend to leave behind. Thing, the only ones who suffer from it are us and the animals in the wild.

Jordan Park

Looking for attractions in the north? Let’s freshen up in Jordan Park. The park covers about a thousand dunams, and is located in the northern area of Lake Kinneret. The park is covered with a thicket of vegetation that creates a kind of forest. In the vegetation you can watch birds, turtles and fish. In the park there are a variety of facilities, including hiking trails, including ancient flour mills and water pools, an archeological site of Beit Zida, you can go kayaking and tubing. Enjoy lawns, picnic tables, drinking water fountains, children’s playgrounds, buffets and public toilets.

Jordan Park Israel
Sea of Galilee Lake

Lake Kinneret

The Sea of ​​Galilee is the lowest freshwater lake on earth and the second lowest in the world, between 215 meters and 209 meters below sea level. Its circumference is about 53 km. Lake Kinneret is located in the center of the Jordan Valley, in the northern part of the Syrian-African rift. The main source of water flowing into Lake Kinneret is the Jordan, to which three streams drain: the Dan, the Banias and the Hasbani.
The religious importance of the Sea of ​​Galilee
Lake Kinneret is of great importance in Christianity. According to the Christian faith, Jesus performed a number of miracles: walked on the water, drowned demons and other miracles in it.
The cultural importance of the Sea of ​​Galilee
In all generations, the Sea of ​​Galilee was inspired by artists and creators On the Sea of ​​Galilee by poets, and many artists painted it.

Magrasa Nature Reserve

The Magrasa Nature Reserve, also known as Beit Zida, has about 7,000 dunams. The area is characterized by a complex of swamp landscapes and streams that flow all year round, water pools, and springs.

Because of the flat nature of the area, the great alluvium of the streams and winter floods, the landscape changes. Magrasa has water all year round. The name “Magrasa” is related to the stones that are crushed in the channel.

Those looking for attractions in the north will be able to find two hiking trails in the reserve: a wet trail and a dry trail.

Majrase Nature Reserve
Stream of Hexagons

Hexagon Pool Nature Reserve

Looking for attractions in the north? The Hexagon River in the Yehudiya Nature Reserve You can enjoy spectacular views of canyons, including pools and waterfalls. There are a variety of hiking trails.
The Hexagon Pool is one of the pilgrimage sites for those seeking attractions in the north, it is a large pool of water surrounded by pointed basalt rocks formed from lava flows that have cooled and turned into basalt rocks.
A path leads to the pool and the descent takes about 18 minutes. Before reaching the pool you should turn to a bridge from which you can watch the water currents.

Crows Creek - Nahal Oravim

Nahal Oravim is at its peak and it is impossible to remain indifferent to the powerful sight. At the bottom of Crow Creek Waterfall you will find a peaceful natural pool. It’s time to go out and refresh in the Golan Heights.
Nahal Oravim is one of the attractions in the north of the Golan Heights. The river has water throughout the year even in the summer months, when everything is dry, the Golan streams continue to flow which give hikers a refuge from the heavy heat.
Not all streams in the Golan reach a strong flow throughout the year. In the north there are streams that flow only in winter, because the water supply comes from springs that are in high places, some of which do not even flow at all in the summer months. In winter after the first rain falls the soil is soaked in water and the northern streams begin to absorb the water flowing from them. There are usually no floods like in the south, but the flow sometimes continues until two months after the rains begin.

Orvim River
Ein Tina Spring

Ein Tina Spring

Ein Tina is a spectacular spring located between Kibbutz Gonen and Gadot in the Golan Heights. The place has a water walking route which will lead you up the water flow path of Ein Tina.
Ein Tina is another center of pilgrimage among those seeking attractions in the north which is located on the western side of the Golan Heights in the area of ​​the side springs. This is a kind of stems. In the past, lava flows flowed from the volcanoes in different periods, with between the flow periods there were breaks of many years.
In its lower layer, soil called plausol has accumulated.
The paleosol has become a waterproof layer due to the hot lava and moisture together. The rainwater that has seeped through the layers of the new and cracked basalt to the paleosol layer, they accumulate until they burst out through the rock front, thus creating the gushing process.

Netofa Winery

Netofa Winery covers about 120 dunams with a variety of varieties. Used to produce wines of different styles in the landscape of our country. In place is a wine room offering guided tastings, meals, and celebrations.
Netofa Winery offers quality wines, characterized by complex aromas and flavors. The vineyards of Netofa Winery are planted in Ein Dor soil and grow a variety of varieties, such as Syrah, Morbedre, Grenache, Toriga Nacional, Chanin Blanc and Roseanne, Mediterranean varieties whose suitability for “Trower” maximizes the quality and characteristics of the fruit. If you are looking for attractions in the north do not forget to stop at Netofa Winery, an experience you will not forget.

Netofa Winery
The Beatitude Monastery

The Beatitude Monastery

This Mount of Beatitudes Church is a Catholic church built on Mount Nahum, known as Mount of Beatitudes. And it perpetuates the sermon on the mountain that Jesus delivered before his believers.
The Church of the Mount of Beatitudes commemorates the sermon on the mountain that Jesus delivered to his believers. Some see this sermon as the essence of Christianity. Some commentators claim that the sermon is quotes from the words of Jesus, and that the actual sermon was not delivered by Jesus. Those looking for attractions in the north must come to the church that will not leave you indifferent.

Streams in the north and a variety of water attractions

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