Kaziv River Track

Kaziv River Reserve

Planning a family trip and looking for attractions in the north? There are a variety of streams in the north where you can hike and are suitable for walking for the whole family. One of these streams is the Kaziv River in the Western Galilee. If you are looking for water attractions in the north with fascinating points of interest and spectacular views, it is worth visiting Kaziv River.

The Kaziv River - About

The Kaziv River is a solid river in the Western Galilee. The length of the stream is about 39 km, and it is the largest stream in the Western Galilee both in terms of length and area of its drainage basin. The stream flows throughout the year, and the walking route in it includes entering the water.

Hiking trails in Kaziv River

In Nahal Kziv there are two hiking trails:

1. Line walking route from the lookout parking lot to the Olives parking lot
2. A circular walking route that begins and ends at Mitzpe Hila

Points of Interest on the Kaziv River Route

During the route in Nahal Achziv, we will pass several points of interest:
Monfort Fortress: A medieval Crusader fortress, during the period of the Kingdom of Jerusalem in Israel. The fort is built on a narrow spur on the south bank of Nahal Kziv near Kibbutz Ayalon, and is defined as a national park.
Paradise Pool: A beautiful pool. You can take a dip in the clear pool waters.
Ein Tamir: A spring below the settlement of Mitzpe Hila. 
Flour Mill: Crusader ancient flour mill.

How to Get to the Track?

These are the ways to get to the two routes:
The linear rout: Turn south off Route 899 into Goren Park. On the inner road in the park, drive south towards Mitzpe Monfort, and after turning west you will find the lookout parking lot where the route begins.
The circular route: Drive from Kibbutz Ayalon on road 899 east. Continue to the entrance to Granot, after which turn right in the direction of the Olives parking lot in Kaziv River. After 2.5 km you will reach the Olives parking lot, where the route begins and ends.