Camping in Hurshat Tal

Hurshat Tal Nature Reserve

Looking to go camping with the family, and visit water attractions in the north? One of the favorite camping sites is the Hurshat Tal, also known by its Arabic name Shjarat El Ten (Grove of the Ten). The Hurshat Tal reserve is located in the north of the Hula Valley, on Road 99 east of Kiryat Shmona. The Hurshat Tal is close to a variety of rivers in the north, and is the ideal accommodation site for camping in nature with the whole family.

Hurshat Tal - General Background

Hurshat Tal is a national park that stretches over 700 dunams, where you can find spacious green lawns as well as cool streams that originate in the Dan River and flow into a large swimming lake.

Accommodation options in Hurshat Tal

Hurshat Tal is built especially for camping and includes several accommodation options:

• Accommodation in private tents.
• Rental of camping tents set up by the parking lot and located in a defined area. The tent includes mattresses and is designed for 4-5 people including children.
• 3 staff rooms designed for up to 4 people, including beds, mattresses, toilets, air conditioning, refrigerator, kettle and microwave.
• Wooden staff room designed for up to 9 People, including beds, shower, mattresses, toilet, air conditioner, kettle, microwave.
• Upgraded bungalow designed for up to 4 people, including beds, mattresses, refrigerator, locker, electrical outlet and fan.
• Private caravan park With 7 parking spaces for caravans.

Services at the Hurshat Tal Night Parking

Hurshat Tal includes various services that are adapted to camping and are designed to make your stay at the site more enjoyable:
Full area lighting, solar lighting, showers with hot water, toilet cubicles, disabled toilets, fountains, benches and picnic tables, charging points for cell phones, BBQ lighting stations, coals collection stations.
It is also possible to store food in refrigerated compartments for a fee of 20 NIS per night based on availability.

Routes and Sites Nearby

The Hurshat Tal Reserve is located close to lush streams and nature reserves, such as Nahal Eyun (the oven), the nature reserve Snir River (Hasbani), Tel Gan Nature Reserve and Nahal Hermon Nature Reserve (Banias).

Entry & Exit Hours

Check-in time is between 15:00 and 19:00. Departure from the car park until 12:00 on the day of departure. Arrival must be arranged through the reservation system for families and individuals, and by phone 04-6942440 for groups and students.

How to get to the Tal grove?
From Highway 99 northeast of Kiryat Shmona. The car park is located 5 km east of the Citadel Junction.