Hermon River Banias Reserve

Banias River

The Banias River is one of the leading water attractions in Israel. Thanks to a winning combination of stunning views, water flowing all year round directly from Mount Hermon and comfortable and relaxing hiking trails, the Banias River is the perfect attraction for individuals, families and couples.

Attractions in the North: Everything you need to know

Those looking for Attractions in Northern israel Must know the many benefits that come with hiking in streams in the north. Thanks to a winning combination of pleasant weather throughout most seasons, the beautiful views of the Golan Heights and a comfortable hiking trail suitable for all ages, the Banias River is a leading attraction as part of water attractions in the north.

The Banias River: A gem preserved in the north of the country

The magical nature reserve of which the Banias River is a part is a special and unforgettable attraction in the north. You can spend several hours hiking, hiking on the marked trails and soaking in the cool water. The sources of the Banias River come directly from the Hermon snows and it is a solid river that flows throughout the year. The stream is part of streams in the north such as Nahal Dan, Nahal Snir, and more. All of these are preserved gems of magical and primitive nature in the north of the country.

Combine a trip to the Banias Reserve with other attractions in the north

For anyone looking to expand their trip to the North, know that there are many attractions in the North. After a hike in the Banias River waterfalls and a dip in the springs, you can take an ATV ride or a horse ride in the Golan Heights. In addition, the Sea of ​​Galilee is not far from the Banias River and you can stop on the way home or the attractions around it such as Rivers in the North and a variety of streams. Even a few full hours devoted only to a hike in the Banias River are an ideal pastime: the waterfalls in the river and the many hiking trails, short or long, are a special and fun attraction.

In conclusion

The Banias River is among the leading water attractions in the north. Its waters come straight from the snows of Mount Hermon and it flows all year round. A wide variety of routes can be done there, including immersion in the water and viewing spectacular and impressive landscapes. Additional attractions in the north can be combined in addition to a visit to the creek, which can last a few hours or an entire day. As a pastime for the whole family, Nahal Banias is the recommended attraction among the streams in the north and the water attractions in the north.