Dan River

The Dan River Reserve

You have a few days off and you are looking for some Attractions in the North? Come and enjoy a variety of water attractions in the north. Whether you are looking for an adventurous hike or a light hike for the whole family, you can come and hike in one of the great variety of streams in the north. And this time we recommend Nahal Dan, the largest river in the sources of the Jordan. Dan River flows from Ein Dan in the Tel Dan Nature Reserve, and later meets Nahal Snir and Nahal Hermon.

The Dan River - Background

The Dan River is the most central and abundant of the streams in the north. The stream begins at Ein Dan spring which is known as an abundant stream with a constant and tremendous flow. The stream flows in a unique route, and passes through the spectacular Dan Reserve and connects with Snir River and with the Banias.

The length of the stream is 20 km, and it flows entirely in the territory of the State of Israel. The flow of the Dan River reaches 238 million cubic meters per year, which is less More of the Hasbani and Banias together. The water in the river is actually snow water that melts and seeps from Mount Hermon and flows at its foot in dozens of springs. The water is at a cool temperature of about 14 degrees Celsius.

Convenient route for the whole family

Dan River trails are neat and very easy to walk. On the spectacular route in its beauty you will pass through rich and green forests, cool streams and bridges. Along the creek you can take a dip in the cool pools surrounded by lush vegetation. It is recommended to bring comfortable clothes and footwear for walking in the water: closed shoes or sandals (not flip-flops or crocs), a hat and a swimsuit. It is recommended to bring change of clothes.

It is important to have at least three liters of drinking water per person.

When is it recommended to travel? What is the length of the route?

The creek flows and is spectacular in its beauty all year round. The length of the route is several hundred meters, and the duration of the walk is between an hour and a half and two hours. This is a circular route, easy to walk and there is a route in the reserve that is accessible to people with disabilities.

Preserve the environment and nature

We all love to hike in nature and enjoy the beauty of our country, and it is important to keep the beauty preserved for the benefit of hikers as well as for the benefit of the ecological fabric in the environment. In 2020, a municipal bylaw was approved prohibiting the introduction of disposable utensils into public parks, groves and streams in the Upper Galilee. Please keep the law and leave the reserve as you received it.