Stream Trip in the North & Water Attractions with a Variety of Rivers in Northern Israel

Rivers in Northern Israel

Planning a trip and looking for attractions in the north? It is impossible to make a trip to the north without enjoying the variety of water attractions available in the area. Come walk and wade in one of the dozens of lush streams in the north and enjoy the spectacular beauty of our country. To help you put together the route that suits you, we have prepared a list of streams in the north that are perfect for hiking in this period.

** Important to know – the information is updated from time to time, the photos are for illustration, the information must be verified with the Nature and Parks Authority.

Water attractions in the north - Hiking in nature & preserving the environment

As we enjoy a well-kept and clean route, so we must leave it for the benefit of the hikers behind us and of course for the preservation of the unique ecological fabric in the area. Under a new municipal bylaw, disposable utensils and glass bottles were banned from entering public parks, groves and streams. In addition, chairs and tables should not be placed inside the streams. Please follow the guidelines and preserve our beautiful nature.

Rivers in Northern Israel

Hermon Stream The Banias Nature Reserve

Hermon Stream Nature and the easternmost of the sources of the Jordan. It is a particularly abundant stream, and its waters make up about a quarter of all the great waters of the Jordan. The length of the stream is 9 km, and its average flow is 4 m3 per second. Along the Hermon River, there are a number of short and beautiful routes that lead to the Banias Waterfall, which is the largest waterfall in Israel. One of these routes is the hanging path – a wooden bridge that passes over a flooded stream that flows all year round. This is an extraordinary experience that does not exist at many sites in the country, and when you walk on the suspension bridge over the huge flow of water, you will feel as if you are on a track abroad. Entrance to the river involves payment and pre-registration.

Nahal Snir (Hasbani)

Nahal Snir, also known as Hasbani (Western: Al-Hasbani River) is a river that begins in the territory of Lebanon and its lower part is in the territory of the State of Israel. Hasbani is the longest water source among the sources of the Jordan, reaching a length of about 65 km, and its average flow is 4.1 m3 per second. Nahal Snir begins its flow in southern Lebanon and burns down the slopes of Mount Hermon to the north of the Hula Valley.
In the river you can walk in 3 routes: a short and circular route that is suitable for families and accessible to people with disabilities, a medium and circular route and a long route. Entrance to the river is paid and pre-registered.

Rivers in Northern Israel
Rivers in Northern Israel

Ayun River

A border crossing that begins in the Iyun Valley in southern Lebanon, and flows south into Israeli territory. The southern part of the stream is known in Arabic as “Wadi Dederra” or “Wadi Khar”, and its lower part is called “Wadi Bar’it” and is located south of Metula. The stream is one of the tributaries of the Jordan River and is about 7 km long. The stream is especially known for the Oven waterfall which is one of the largest waterfalls in the country whose waters fall from a height of thirty meters into a spectacular pool. To the northern entrance route and southern entrance when the recommended route is north to south. The route is not circular, and on weekends and holidays there is a shuttle service for a fee of 10 NIS between the two entrances.

Magrase Nature Reserve (Dalyot River)

Dalyot River is the largest stream that runs south of the ancient Gamla, and is about 22 km long. The route passes through a deep canyon channel in the center of the Golan Heights. Gamla, where you can linger in the wonderful view overlooking the Sea of Galilee, the Golan Heights and the ancient city of Gamla, which you can combine in your itinerary.

Rivers in Northern Israel
Rivers in Northern Israel

Amud Stream

A stream in the Upper Galilee region that flows into the Sea of Galilee. It is the highest stream among the streams that attract water all year round, and is about 25 km long. The beginning of the route in Amud stream is near an old flour mill near Maayan Ein Yakim. Exceptional entrance to the creek for a fee and with prior registration.

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