Officers Pool - Ha-Ktsinim Pool

Ein Almin Officers Pool

If you are looking for water attractions in the north, the Officers Pool is the perfect place for you. Like many other waterways in the north, the officers pool is a fun and enjoyable place to hike with the family, as individuals or as part of a romantic getaway.

The Green North for its variety of attractions

Many times we want to get out of the abrasive routine, stop everything, and go on vacation in one of the most beautiful areas in the country. The northern region, with its many streams and waterways that flood all year round, with breathtaking views and many attractions, is a perfect place to go on vacation. One of the best attractions in the north is the officers’ pool in the Golan Heights.

Officers' Pool - a water attraction in the north that will never disappoint you

The pool of the Syrian officers which is a testament to the Syrian rule that was in the Golan Heights area, the location of the pool is a cemetery and the pool is shaded all year round between eucalyptus and fig trees. The water in the pool is very cold so it is advisable to come and visit on hot summer days. The officers’ pool is made entirely of concrete and is a very popular destination for vacations with children.

Why waterways like the officers' pool in the north are considered a great attraction

Waterways like the officers pool This is a great way to spend time with friends and family on hot summer days. In the officers’ pool you can do on the fire and open a table while the children go and play in the water (according to the safety rules of course) whether you want a romantic trip for a couple, especially if you have children and you want to provide them with an unforgettable experience: waterways, Water in the North the leading in Israel.

In conclusion

The officers’ pool is a pool of water that receives its water from the Ein Almin stream, which flows all year round. Thanks to a winning combination of easy access, shade over the pool and natural places to sit on, the officers pool is the best attraction for you, whether as individuals or as families with children.