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B&B's in the Golan Heights & Spa Hotels in the north for the most fun and pampering vacation

B & Bs in the Golan Heights
Are you looking for the perfect B&B for the weekend from the most romantic movies? If so, are you looking for B & Bs in the Golan Heights and the Galilee, in the Sea of ​​Galilee area and in Had Nes.
We all love our vacation, and it should come at least once every six months. If you want to create the perfect vacation, we recommend taking into account the area of ​​the Western Galilee and the Golan Heights. In these areas you can enjoy luxury accommodation complexes, country B & Bs, wooden cabins, luxury suites and even boutique hotels. Whether you decide on this or that accommodation complex, you guarantee yourself a treat from the movies. So just before you pack your bags, here is everything you need to know about B & Bs in Had Nes, B & Bs in Rosh Pina and more.
What do I need to know about B & Bs in the Golan Heights and in the north?
In general, it is worth knowing that some of the B & Bs in the north are equipped and some less so. If, for example, you are one of the people who likes to cook in a B&B, you need to make sure in advance that it is possible. Some B & Bs do not allow barbecues, charcoal, stoves and more to be lit. If you need, for example, a B&B for a family with children in the Golan Heights, you will need to know that you probably have cooking solutions.
It is worth knowing that some of the B & Bs in the Golan Heights have large outdoor kitchens. In these kitchens you can usually cook, fry, light charcoal and whatever you want. Some complexes even have pizzas for making pizzas, professional BBQ chains and more. In short, nothing is missing. Prefer not to cook? Also possible:
What is the second option besides cooking in a B&B?
The second option is to order breakfast at the B&B complex. If you do not like to cook or less in the section during the holiday, the breakfasts of B & Bs are especially pampering. Most B&B complexes allow you to order breakfast from the B&B itself. However, in some B & Bs it will be necessary to order the food from an outside supplier. You can usually get the details from the B&B owners.
Along with the breakfasts that reach as far as the entrance to the B&B, it is also worth considering the variety of authentic restaurants in the north. You have quite a few excellent fish restaurants, which people travel to especially from the center of the country. At the same time, the north is also characterized by excellent meat restaurants.
B & Bs in the Golan Heights with all the most worthwhile indulgences there are
Whether you are looking for B & Bs in Had Nes, a B&B in the Galilee or a B&B in the Golan Heights, you need to know what you are getting. Well, some of the B & Bs will include for example a private Jacuzzi, others even a pampering Turkish bath. If you are in the section of private pools, you can also get it in some of the accommodation complexes.
Need a B&B in Rosh Pina and the north? Maybe a B&B in the rural Had Nes? One way or another, we invite you to get to know luxury suites, boutique suites, boutique hotels in the Golan Heights, wooden cabins for couples and more. The north offers a variety of accommodation complexes of various types, some of which are particularly prestigious.
Which B&B complex should you choose?
If you are not sure which type of hosting complex to choose, it would be worthwhile to wander around the internet a bit and get your information through there. You can look at pictures, videos and more. This way you can choose the accommodation complex that looks best to you. In the end, the perfect vacation is in the north. Now, all that remains is to adjust the right B&B and get going. And one last tip from us: you should always book a place at least two or three months in advance. This way you can secure your place in the B&B from the movies. Your weekend has never looked more perfect.

Recommended B&B's in the Golan Heights & Spa Hotels in the North

Dream Cabin B&B

A romantic and pampering B&B located in the Sea of ​​Galilee and overlooking the views of Lake Kinneret.

Dream Cabin Sea of Galilee B&B
Talia Cabin Guest Spa

B&B in Rosh Pina Dalia cabins

The Talia Cabins B&B complex in Rosh Pina, about 3.6 km from Bat Yaar Farm.

Blue and cream B&B in Rosh Pina

The romantic B&Bs of Blue and Cream are located in Rosh Pina and overlook the views of the Golan Heights and Mount Hermon.

Blue&Cream Chalets
Miki's B&B Rosh Pinna

Mickey's B & Bs in Rosh Pina

Mickey’s Guesthouse is a B&B complex in Rosh Pina. The complex has B & Bs with TVs, air conditioning, a garden with barbecue facilities, internet connection and parking.

Bayit Bagalil Boutique Spa Hotel

Bayit Bagalil is a spa boutique hotel in the north of the country. The hotel offers luxurious suites and a pampering spa, all located in the center of the green Birya forest. Professional staff and pampering spa treatments.

Cnaan Village

Canaan Village is a boutique hotel and spa near the Sea of Galilee. The hotel has a selection of pampering spa treatments, B & Bs and suites equipped with every good. The hotel is located in Had Nes, Northern District, Israel.

Cherry in the Golan B&B's in Had Nes

Cherry in the Golan Zimmers in the Golan Heights in the locality of Had Nes. In the complex are new suites, facing a mesmerizing view of the Sea of Galilee. The romance is blossoming again. Surprise the couple and go on a romantic vacation.

Ahavtia - a B&B complex in Had Nes

Ahavatia is a B&B complex in the Golan Heights in Moshav Had Nes. In the complex there are cabins and a family suite. There is a heated indoor fenced swimming pool. Also suitable for a romantic vacation in the north.

Adva High Above All - B&B in Rosh Pina

Adva’s B&B’s are located in Rosh Pina. Each suite at the Adva Hotel is high above all with a jacuzzi, a fully equipped kitchenette, and a private garden with panoramic views.

Naomi's B&B in Rosh Pina

Come and enjoy a vacation in a well-kept and pleasant complex. Each cabin has a separate private space, a thin terrace hidden in nature, hammocks, lawns and BBQ and facilities for children.

Tamuz Cabins - B&B's in the Golan Heights

In the Tammuz cabins complex, there are 3 wooden cabins, which are suitable for hosting couples and families. Outside the cabins you can enjoy seating areas, lawn, pool, hammocks and BBQ areas.

Healing Hands - B&B in the Golan Heights

In the Healing Hands B&B you will find a large balcony overlooking the Golan Heights. Here you can enjoy a garden with a BBQ stand, a dining table and a place to light a fire. The B&B is 20 minutes from the Hermon site.

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Recommended Hotels in the Sea of Galilee

Sea of Galilee Luxury Hotel

Villas with adjoining pools or villas with hot tubs – a vacation in a luxury hotel on the Sea of Galilee.


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