Amud Stream Nature Reserve

Amud Stream Reserve

Want to go on vacation with the whole family, and are looking for attractions in northern Israel ? The Upper Galilee region is saturated with streams that are suitable for both those interested in challenging and long routes and for hikers with the whole family. A variety of water attractions in the north, for walking in cool water in a spectacular nature. One of the well-known streams in the area is Nahal Amud, which flows into the Sea of Galilee and is 25 km long.

Amud Stream - General Background

Amud Stream is one of dozens Streams in the North and is considered the highest stream in the country among the streams that flow for it throughout the year. The source of Nahal Amud is in the Upper Galilee area, between Mount Meron and Safed and its flow is in a southeasterly direction through the Lower Galilee, when the stream empties to the west of the Sea of Galilee.

The hiking route in Amud Stream

The route begins in Nahal Amud in Ein a-Tina – a police station from the days of the British Mandate. After descending you will reach an old flour mill that was active until the beginning of the 20th century, and from here it is possible to continue to the right or left of the bus. We recommend choosing a different side back and forth. The trail is saturated with sections of water, spectacular orchards, flowers and if you pay attention you will notice wildlife visiting the creek: rock rabbits, porcupines, wild boars, jackals, foxes and partridges.

Next, you can choose one of five options to continue the route:

  1. Back the same way up, on the other side of the creek.
  2. For Marked in red, leading to the a-Tina police station.
  3. Continue on the path marked in green in the direction of Ein Zeitim and Birya.
  4. Continue until the Acre-Safed road, or until the river empties into the Sea of ​​Galilee. In this route you will see the famous pillar after which the stream is named.
  5. Continue on the route south for another 4 kilometers on the route marked in blue.

Entrance Fee

* Price may change from time to time and please check with authorities.

  • Price per adult – 28 NIS
  • Price per child or senior citizen – 14 NIS
  • Price per student – 24 NIS
  • In a group Over 30 people: 23 NIS for an adult and 13 NIS for a child.

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