Bayit Bagalil Boutique & Spa Hotel

Bayit Bagalil Boutique Hotel

In the Birya forest, in one of the magical areas of the Galilee, is a house hotel in the Galilee. This is a spa hotel in the north built of Galilee stone that blends in with the rural landscape. The hotel has 36 fully equipped suites with a Galilee view, which include king-size beds, seating areas, LCD TV screens and a luxurious bathroom with luxurious marble cladding.

suites in the north for couples

In recent years, new B & Bs and hotels have opened in the north. Israelis like to travel on every vacation to a different destination to enjoy the wonderful places in the north. But there is one place they always return to in light of the fact that it is unusual in appearance and entertainment options.

A house in the Galilee is at the top of the best places for romantic vacations for couples in the north. The hotel has invested in unfamiliar ideas, to provide an authentic holiday that will not be forgotten.

Spacious suites with luxurious beds, extra spacious bathrooms. Some suites have landscaped balconies, and some have a private pool with a deck that allows you to relax and sunbathe. Alternatively, you can work out in the state-of-the-art gym.

The hotel’s spa complex
Guests enjoy spa treatments in a luxury spa complex run by professional therapists. You can also use the jacuzzi, or indulge in the main swimming pool.